Macs Auto Service kooks to how cooling systems and lack of care cause cars to overheat, even today

John Mathews says pay attention or things can heat up fast, Macs Auto agrees.

Is it an oxymoron that cooling systems are a major car of cars overheating?  Lack of care and faulty thermostats also contribute to it as and brakes Santa ana

Macs Auto Service says that, with technology and advancements in the automobile industry, less things seem to go wrong when it comes to vehicles if compare to history.  However, with the luxury of technology comes the equally harmful behavior of laziness and not paying attention.  This is where problems such as overheating, tires, brakes, and many other maintenance requirements for cars come into play.

If you’ve ever experienced your car overheating then you’ll know how frustrating and hard to deal with it can be. Cars don’t just overheat by themselves it takes lots of different factors, errors and lack of care for the car to make it happen. If you want to avoid your car overheating in the future or at least know what do if it happens to you then you need to understand its causes and how it can be fixed.

A car will always produce heat, lots of it, but vehicle manufacturers know this so they ensure that it doesn’t affect its performance by installing a cooling system in your car. However that doesn’t guarantee that things won’t go wrong with the cooling system and when that happens then overheating can occur. A leaking cooling system is one of the things that can cause your car to overheat. This can be identified with coolants on the floor of your garage or a radiator with low fluid. Another thing that can cause overheating is a faulty thermostat that prevents the flow of coolants into your car’s engine.

To keep the heat in your car engine under control the cooling system makes use of an intelligent water pump that circulates fluids throughout your engine. If your water pump is faulty you can be guaranteed that your car won’t start a few minutes before it starts to overheat. In addition to the fluid system you can also make use of a cooling fan just to make sure that the heat produced by your car doesn’t shut it down. Both the electric and mechanical fans have been designed to start working once your car is turned on. Also, a clogged radiator that has gathered dust and dirt is another thing that will cause your car to overheat.

When your car overheats the primary goal is for you to find a way to lower the temperature, but you must take precautions so you don’t put yourself in danger. If your car overheats, stop it as soon as possible. You should also turn off the engine immediately; an exception to this rule is when you want to pour water on the radiator. Leaving the car engine on while you’re pouring water will prevent it from rapid cooling which is not good for the engine. Do not remove the radiator cap as many people are tempted to do. This can cause the hot water to rush out and burn your skin. Try pouring water onto the radiator to make the car cool again. Check if the thermostat is open and adjust it so that it doesn’t block the flow or coolants. If the problem has to do with leaks you might need to get them sealed quickly so that you won’t lose any more coolants.

If the problem is the fans then you would need to get them replaced. Note that the electric fan has been designed to work automatically so do not put your hand in it as you could end up getting hurt. If you experience overheating in cold weather it most probably means that your coolant has been frozen. Finding an immediate solution to your car overheating depends on what causes it. If you have a faulty water pump, a packed-up cooling fan or a leaking cooling system you might need to get the car towed to a garage to get the problem fixed. But if you have some mechanical skills you might as well get down and fix it yourself on the spot with your tool box.

John Matthews is mechanic working for CarBees. He comes across the dangers of overheated cars regularly and knows that with a little knowledge it can be avoided.

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Your automobile’s suspension system needs to be able to absorb bumps smoothly and steer properly, which in turn requires a fully functioning suspension system with proper wheel alignment. Whether your vehicle has a conventional suspension system with shock absorbers or a strut-based system typical of many front-wheel-drive cars, you can trust Mac’s Automotives experienced technicians to service them both.

Maintaining proper wheel alignment extends the life of your tires, provides a more comfortable ride, and provides significantly better gas mileage for your vehicle. Typical  symptoms of a car that requires suspension or alignment services are excessive or uneven tire wear, an off center steering wheel, a general feeling of wandering or looseness while driving, the car feels like it’s pulling to the left or the right, or a shimmy or vibration in your steering wheel.

There are two common types of wheel alignments performed on today’s automobiles; all wheel thrust angle alignment and, for vehicles with adjustable rear suspensions, all wheel full adjustable alignment.

Mac’s Automotive offers a complete computerized wheel alignment service using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision and accuracy. Our ASE certified technicians perform a complete steering and suspension system inspection with every alignment. By replacing worn suspension parts you regain steering control and handling,  keeping your car ride safe and smooth.

Alignment Intervals

 • Every 8,000 miles or 6 months Alignment is recommended after the first 2,000 miles for new vehicles:
    • After a purchase of new tires
    • After a collision or accident
    • After hitting a large pothole
    • With installation of new suspension or steering parts
    • Following a transaxle repair on front-wheel-drive cars

    Mac’s Automotives Alignment Services Include:

    Alignment Check

    • Inspect steering and suspension system including tire condition and air pressure Put vehicle on alignment rack, mount and compensate sensors Print out alignment readings

    Standard Alignment

    • All-wheel thrust angle or full adjustable alignment
    • Inspect steering and suspension system including tire condition and air pressure
    • Put vehicle on alignment rack, mount and compensate sensors
    • Print out initial alignment readings
    • Adjust alignment angles to manufacturer’s specifications
    • Print out final alignment readings to verify alignment is within specification
    • Road test vehicle

    Plus Alignment

    • Standard alignment service
    • Perform a four wheel tire rotation
    • Balance all four tires on our state-of-the-art computerized balancing equipment

    Replace worn steering or suspension parts as follows:

    • Ball joints
    • Bushings
    • Sway bar links
    • Center links
    • Idler arms/Pitman arms
    • Rack and pinion units
    • Tie rod ends/sleeves
    • CV joints/boots
    • CV axle half shafts
    • Shock absorbers
    • MacPherson struts/cartridges

    Mac’s Automotive provides automotive suspension repair and wheel alignment services for residents in the greater Southern Orange County California area.